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Should we vs. Can we?

My recent posts on staying out of Iraq have produced several interesting comments (click on the titles of the posts below then scroll down to see the comments and replies). Let me be clear — if I thought we could … Continue reading

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As I was saying…

Just a few headlines from today to confirm yesterday’s message: “Jailed Al-Jazeera journalists convicted in Egypt. … In an interview on Al Jazeera shortly after the verdicts were read, Amnesty International director Steve Crawshaw deplored what he called an “outrageous … Continue reading

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When it is vitally important to do nothing!

Disasters everywhere:  Syria is in flames, Iraq is collapsing, Afghanistan’s election is disputed with riots, Boko Haram is still unchecked in Nigeria, Libya is breaking up in slow motion, Buddhists (Buddhists!) are massacring Muslims in Sri Lanka, tanks and armored … Continue reading

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Making healthy life easy (or not…)

There is a new disease stalking  the developed world.  Not ebola, or anti-biotic resistant tuberculosis, or MERS ( a new respiratory disease that emerged in Saudi Arabia).  They are bad enough.  This one is called NASH, and has an even … Continue reading

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Two weeks, dismay and horror

I have spent the last two weeks attending three conferences and various lectures in Russia and the UK, on issues including Public Policy, International Security, and using history to forecast and explain events. Sadly, it seems clear that neither public … Continue reading

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And the winner is … !

In the United States, we think of elections as ending major conflicts and producing outcomes that everyone has to then accept and move forward. Or rather, we used to think that way. Now, with the rise of the Tea Party … Continue reading

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Democracies fading? Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine…

People in America love Thai food. But beyond that, we don’t know much about Thailand as a country. It is a complicated place, caught between the conservative military and loyalists to the King, who have helped develop Bangkok into an … Continue reading

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