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Defusing the Crisis in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is a hero in much of Russia. He is the man who brought order and prosperity, fought off terrorism, and restored Russian greatness after a humiliating period of Cold War hardship and defeat followed by democratic chaos which … Continue reading

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The Revolution in the Ukraine

My recent posts have bounced back and forth between comments on political uprisings and concerns about weakness in the world economy. The two are related–around the world we have seen aging populations and slowing economic growth in rich countries, leaving … Continue reading

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A New Bubble?

What are the signs of a bubble? After a 30% rise in the S&P last year, without any huge surge of economic growth in the US or Europe and slowdowns in China, Brazil, and other major economies, one might expect … Continue reading

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Angry protests of the Middle Classes

Bosnia, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuala: Troubled Transitions of the Angry Middle Class “He’s run away himself, his guards have run away, his personnel have scattered. A sad end for a president.” – Tweet by Alexei Pushkov, head of the Russian Duma’s … Continue reading

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So glad for so little

So this is what is has come to: anything other than outright recession is cause for rejoicing! Here is one triumphant quote: “The eurozone’s recovery has moved up a gear,” said Chris Williamson, chief economist of Markit. “Not only has … Continue reading

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A magical place

The picture above, of a large village on an otherwise barren sand-spit, is Dubai as it was roughly when I was born, in the early 1950s.  As you can see, there is not much there.  At that point, the United … Continue reading

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And the jobs report is …. (ugh, don’t ask)

As I expected, the jobs report released by the BLS today was terrible — at least terrible for those clinging to the belief that America’s economy is roaring back, and not great either for workers seeking jobs.  Yes, unemployment went … Continue reading

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Worry Beads, Anyone?

Readers of this blog know that I have been a pessimist on the “real” economy of the world. With population growth slowing or declining in Europe, the US, Japan, Korea, China, India, and Brazil, it seemed to me the demand … Continue reading

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Is Inequality a Moral or Economic Issue?

There is so much talk about inequality these days — it is clear that no consensus has arisen because parties are simply talking past each other. Most of those who argue that inequality is NOT a problem argue from economic … Continue reading

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To anyone who has been waiting (anyone?) — my latest book is now available at the terrific price of under $10 (even less for the Kindle edition). Revolutions: A Very Short Introduction (published by Oxford University Press) examines how revolutions differ … Continue reading

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