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Bad to worse in Ukraine?

I am in Russia this week, and the view from Moscow is a bit more disquieting than from home. It’s not that things are any different here. Life goes on in the University, traffic still clogs the street, and people … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Next steps and threats

Is Putin on the move again, planning to take additional slices off of Ukraine? The news seems to think so. The take-over of government buildings in three cities in Eastern Ukraine has commentators all a-flutter about Putin’s plans and continuing … Continue reading

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The Old War (not the Cold War) is back, along with History

When my former colleague Francis Fukuyama wrote about the “End of History” he was right in one respect. The harsh universal ideologies seeking to remake the world: communism, fascism, Nazism — the threats to free countries and peoples of the … Continue reading

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This is different — why??

Vladimir Putin recently pointed out to President Obama that when Russia objected to Kosovo being detached from its ally Serbia, the U.S. went ahead anyway in supporting Kosovo’s independence, backed up by NATO troops. (To this day Russia does not … Continue reading

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The Revolution in the Ukraine

My recent posts have bounced back and forth between comments on political uprisings and concerns about weakness in the world economy. The two are related–around the world we have seen aging populations and slowing economic growth in rich countries, leaving … Continue reading

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A New Bubble?

What are the signs of a bubble? After a 30% rise in the S&P last year, without any huge surge of economic growth in the US or Europe and slowdowns in China, Brazil, and other major economies, one might expect … Continue reading

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Angry protests of the Middle Classes

Bosnia, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuala: Troubled Transitions of the Angry Middle Class “He’s run away himself, his guards have run away, his personnel have scattered. A sad end for a president.” – Tweet by Alexei Pushkov, head of the Russian Duma’s … Continue reading

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A magical place

The picture above, of a large village on an otherwise barren sand-spit, is Dubai as it was roughly when I was born, in the early 1950s.  As you can see, there is not much there.  At that point, the United … Continue reading

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And the jobs report is …. (ugh, don’t ask)

As I expected, the jobs report released by the BLS today was terrible — at least terrible for those clinging to the belief that America’s economy is roaring back, and not great either for workers seeking jobs.  Yes, unemployment went … Continue reading

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Unhappy New Year for the Jobless

The latest data from the US Labor department, on December employment changes, was a very disappointing start to the new year. Disappointing, but not surprising for those who follow this blog, which has long been saying that the US and … Continue reading

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