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Selfish Elites — Really?

This week brought the (to me) amazing news that Republicans do not want to refill FEMA’s coffers to help victims of Hurrican Irene unless the funds are offset by cuts in government spending elsewhere.   Of course, they insist there is … Continue reading

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Perry is the runaway favorite among Republicans

Two weeks ago, I warned that Rick Perry was the right candidate for many Americans, given the global shift in power politics: “Rick Perry = Margaret Thatcher?”  I argued that he had to be taken seriously, and that for many … Continue reading

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Bring in the Blue Helmets

Bruce D. Jones, Richard Gowen and Jake Sherman had a prescient analysis of how UN peacekeepers could play a vital role in Libyan post-conflict stabilization, published in April in Foriegn Policy — that has now become terrifically relevant!

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To the Shores of Tripoli

Julian Lindley-French offers good reasons why NATO-led state-building in Libya can be more successful than US efforts in Iraq and NATO efforts in Afghanistan:  The situation is better to start, and we have learned key lessons from those two earlier … Continue reading

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Who Needs Men?

For the last few years, there has been a lot of hand-wringing about sex-selective abortion in India and China, which has led to a significant excess of males.  About 15-20% more male babies than female babies are now recorded in these … Continue reading

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It’s the Big One!

As we all wait to see who gets hit hardest this weekend — Moammar Gadhafi or NY City — I note that I will not be blogging from Friday through Monday, due to preparations for Hurricane Irene. Please be safe, and … Continue reading

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Does Libya Mark a New Era in US Foreign Policy? Or will we screw up an easy victory again?

Fareed Zakaria recently wrote on CNN that the overthrow of Gadhafi marks a new era in US foreign policy.  From now on, we have a model of achieving more at less cost by doing more burden sharing with allies, seeking strong regional support, … Continue reading

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