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Turmoil in Egypt and Syria

Egypt and Syria today are demonstrating two keys to understanding revolutions: (1) No one gives up power willingly; and (2) building coalitions with mass support is the key to gaining command. In Egypt, two titans are contending — the military … Continue reading

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The Economic Mess (again, and again, and again)

Global growth is clearly fading.  China may slow to under 8% this year, as exports are being hit sharply by slowdowns abroad.  Japan’s eternal trade surplus faded and fell to a deficit last quarter for the first time in decades.  … Continue reading

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Class warfare or class welfare?

It is remarkable the mileage that GOP and conservative talkers have gotten out of using the phrase “class warfare” to stigmatize raising taxes on high income earners. Sure, if the goal of tax reformers was to return to the punishingly … Continue reading

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And then there were three — for the GOP

Amazing, isn’t it?  A week ago, everyone was crowning Mitt Romney with the Republican nomination.  A small win in Iowa, a big win in New Hampshire, and a big lead in the polls in South Carolina, and it looked like … Continue reading

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Perception is Everything, Isn’t it? (Or – Don’t Worry, be Happy!)

The Washington Post published a remarkable poll on Wednesday.  When asked “are you better off financially than you were when Obama became President?”, most people (54%) said they were in about the same shape, 30% said they were worse off, … Continue reading

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Ahem, Eurozone…

The Eurozone south of the Netherlands has been emabarked on a painful austerity strategy — the goal of which was to reassure the credit markets that these nations will be economically sound. That strategy has so far failed spectacularly as … Continue reading

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Romney’s weakness — or strength?

Mitt Romney has been getting attack from all sides for his work at Bain Capital, which involved buying up companies, reconfiguring them to be more successful, then selling them.  “Reconfiguring” often involved firing lots of people, and that is why … Continue reading

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