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Blood from a Stone?

Germany and France announced that Greece will not get the bailout it needs unless it gets tougher and faster in implementing promised austerity measures.  Only about one-quarter of promised measures have been implemented, and targets for deficit reduction have not … Continue reading

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Corruption at home

At a time when Americans are anxious that corruption in Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Pakistan, or Russia, or any other distant place makes dealing with them difficult, it is painful to see spectacular corruption close to home.  That is why … Continue reading

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Who won and lost in Iowa?

We don’t really know who won in Iowa (the media treating Romney’s 8 vote margin over Santorum as a ‘win’ shows only that our media have no knowledge of what constitutes a margin of error.  If there were a recount … Continue reading

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Looking Forward, Looking Back

Welcome to the New Year — a good time to look back and look forward. Here are a few of the predictions I made last year, to keep myself honest: On EGYPT, AUGUST 2: “Dozens of groups are contending to gain … Continue reading

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