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Scalia worries about broccoli?

In today’s oral arguments regarding the constitutionality of the health care mandate, Justice Scalia used an analogy to question the validity of the mandate to purchase health insurance.  He said “It may well be that everybody needs health care sooner … Continue reading

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The High Court and Health Care

It will be months before the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act, knows to its foes as “Obamacare.”  But with the opening of oral arguments today, the debate has heated up. Opponents of the … Continue reading

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Is Romney picking up steam?

The Media want to annoint Romney the de facto nominee, as does the Republican Establishment, so they can get on with the race against Obama.  But Santorum hangs in there.  To me, a 47-35% percent win in Illinois is not … Continue reading

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Over and Out in Afghanistan?

When the U.S. first engaged in Afghanistan, I was optimistic.  I wrote one of the very first essays arguing that if the US were to fight in Afghanistan, we would NOT get bogged down like the Russians.  After all, we … Continue reading

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Should we Party like its 2008?

One thing we should have learned in 2008 is that the stock market is NOT driven by rational estimates of future performance in the real economy, but rather — as George Soros and George Akerlof have argued — by animal spirits … Continue reading

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Shakespeare — by any other name? The authorship controversy and the Stratford Monument

The world is often so depressing that I comfort myself with fiction — and of course like everyone I have enjoyed Shakespeare’s work as some of the finest in any language. I also like movies (some of them), and recently enjoyed … Continue reading

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China’s Trade DEFICIT — that’s right, deficit

Last month China had a trade deficit of $31.5 billion.  That is not a large sum, but if sustained for a year it would lead to an annual deficit of over one-third of a trillion US dollars.  The monthly deficit was China’s largest … Continue reading

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