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More on Why Germany won’t Save the Euro

From the perspective of German leaders, the current crisis in Europe arose because profligate, irresponsible southern European countries were able to borrow at artificially low rates.  The artificially low rates came from the Euro itself, it confused the fiscal identity … Continue reading

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Last week for the Euro?

It is going to be a challenge for half-measures to continue to keep the Euro rolling ahead of market speculators who will be closing in for the kill. Here is the recipe for disaster: (1)  Spain and Italy are paying … Continue reading

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George has a plan!

George Soros has presented, in the FT, the best plan I have seen for saving the Euro and putting Europe on a path toward economic growth. Of course, like all such plans, it relies on Germany agreeing to underwrite European-wide … Continue reading

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MB vs. SCAF: round one to SCAF, round two to MB, but it’s 8 rounds to go

In February, I wrote in The National Interest that the Egyptian revolution had become a struggle between the two forces- the military and the Muslim Brotherhood, and that the latter would prevail because in a revolution power eventually devolves to the … Continue reading

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Morsi wins! (Never been so pleased to be wrong!)

I am very glad my fears did not come to pass.  Now we must wait and see how the Brotherhood and the military co-exist.  But this is a good step in the military recognizing it must compromise with popular demands.  … Continue reading

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“Shoot to Kill” !?

Five hours before Egypt’s election winner is announced, this from CNN: “Minister Mohamed Ibrahim has given police forces orders to shoot to kill against anyone attempting to attack police stations after the results,” interior ministry spokesman Gen. Marwan Mustapha said. … Continue reading

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Lose-Lose or Win-Win in Egypt?

With several hours to go before Egypt’s election committee names a winner, Ahmed Shafik has already posted his claim to be President on his web-site.  Is this the military’s trial balloon to see how much outrage or public approval this … Continue reading

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