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The Election Choice: Ferguson tosses his chips

Niall Ferguson’s essay in Newsweek on why President Obama shouldn’t be re-elected has drawn scads of attention — but less for its argument than for the blatant distortions, near lies, and bald misrepresentations that Ferguson offers to back his view.  … Continue reading

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Prepare for a Fall Surprise

It is August, rather beautiful weather on the US East Coast instead of the normal stifling humidity, and perhaps that is lifting spirits.  Certainly the stock market is levitating. It is hard to find any real fundamentals that could justify … Continue reading

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Taxes as Punishment

There is a perverse belief circulating in America.  It is a belief that has undermined all great societies of the past, and may yet be responsible for destroying the wealth and future of all Americans. Yet it is a belief … Continue reading

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Confused about Culture

Mitt Romney and those responding to him have stirred up a controversy over the role of culture in economic growth.  But they seem not to realize that, at least in academic studies of culture and the economy, the data have … Continue reading

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Does Ryan show the Real Romney? Or is he just for show?

I always wonder which is the real Romney — the Governor of Massachusetts who supported gun control and developed a mandate-driven health care system, or the Candidate who leans toward Tea Party anti-government policies and plans to repeal Obama’s health … Continue reading

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The World Economy — Flying Blind, but probably headed down

Data, data, data.  The numbers churned out each day, week and month by the Labor Department, the Treasury Department, the IMF, Eurostat, the World Bank, the UN, the governments of Europe, China, and the commodities, bond, and equity markets are … Continue reading

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Syria — Erosion of the Assad regime accelerates

I have been telling folks the same story for months — it is not necessary to intervene militarily to defeat Assad.  It is only necessary to give the opposition enough aid to survive; as long as they hang on and … Continue reading

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