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Who Needs Government? (The Middle Class does)

Next week, the presidential campaign debates are upon us.  One of Mitt Romney’s staffers, Beth Myers, put out a memo framing the choice as follows: “The choice [is] between President Obama’s government-centric vision and Mitt Romney’s vision for an opportunity society … Continue reading

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Risk On (Again)

The world has been zig-zagging between optimism (risk off) and pessimism (risk on) in the economic sphere for the last few years. Optimisim has usually been fueled by announcements and plans  (e.g. hopes and promises) — announcements by the ECB … Continue reading

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O-HI-O (again)

Two weeks ago, I argued that Obama would win Ohio and that would provide him the key to victory.  Today, the polls have moved strongly in that direction.  Why? Ohio Unemployment:  August 2012 —   7.2% Columbus area unemployment (Largest metro … Continue reading

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Two nations, divided under God, in the U.S.A.

The fall-out from Romney’s false and distorted view of America as two nations, almost half of whom see themselves as victims and want government hand-outs, which the other half pays for, has obscured the fact that we ARE becoming two nations. The … Continue reading

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Romney joins Ferguson as a target

A few of weeks ago, I discussed the troubles that Niall Ferguson ran into from claiming that America had become a “50/50” nation — half the people working, the other half not paying taxes and collecting government benefits.  I also noted … Continue reading

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Islam in an Uproar

The events of the last week — killings in Benghazi, attack on US and allied installations throughout the world, a marked upswing in killing of US troops and trainers by Afghan police and army trainees — have been feeding the … Continue reading

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What’s the Buzz, tell me what’s happening

The news cycle sometimes slows down, but this week was overwhelming.  We got both German Constitutional Court Approval of EMS and QE3 from the Fed, plus pro-Euro results in the Dutch election (and the market zoomed up as I predicted … Continue reading

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