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Is this a Democracy?

America has a wonderful democratic constitution.  But it’s not working anymore, at least not the way it was designed to.  The Senate was intended to give each state an equal weight in deliberations, to ensure that a majority did not … Continue reading

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Morsi’s Power Grab and Return

A couple of weeks ago, when writing an essay on the trajectories of the Arab revolts for a book chapter to appear in 2013, I wrote the following: ” [In Egypt] The level of broader education and civil society organization is … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving (and thanks for Gaza’s cease-fire)

Today on Thanksgiving we have some things to be thankful for. The cease-fire in Gaza is holding (so far).  This is important not only to stop the killing, but also because it represents a breakthrough in the relationship between President … Continue reading

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Gaza and Israel

It was inevitable that a new conflict would emerge in Palestine.  The Arab Spring emboldened those who thought Egypt might be more supportive of pressure on Israel.  The heroism of Syria encouraged those seeking to challenge a powerful foe.  And … Continue reading

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The Cost of Catching Up: Guest Blog by Sophia Foster

As President Obama wrestles with the fiscal cliff, and Europe seems to be falling over its own precipice, it is useful to think again about the fundamentals of GROWTH, as growth is the only path out of our debt and … Continue reading

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Back to Business — A look ahead at the Global Economy

Over the past few months, I have been traveling to the BRIC countries, trying to understand their role in the world economy (Turkey will be next month).  Here are my thoughts (this from an essay published in e-International Relations this month): GLOBALIZATION AND … Continue reading

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Here we go again (as Obama capitulates….)

For a micro-second, there was hope.  John Boehner seemed to offer something in the spirit of compromise.  More importantly, newly re-elected President Obama had leverage — if the Republicans did not cooperate with him, a massive tax increase would fall … Continue reading

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