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Egypt and Syria moving forward

After a week’s break from blogging for Chanukah/Christmas, it’s time to return to the world’s events. I hope everyone is having a great holiday. Or so it seems in the Christian world. Aside from the unresolved fiscal cliff, most economic … Continue reading

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We Die Again

This time it was children — horrifyingly young, startlingly many.  But if not children, then shoppers at an Oregon mall, or Sikhs at their temple, or movie-goers, or students at a university.  Every common place in American life — shopping … Continue reading

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Back to the Fiscal Cliff

You really have to wonder who is running this country.  No sane person (read President Obama and White House Staff) would not understand that in a few years, rising health care costs and an aging population will devastate the federal … Continue reading

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Authoritarianism returns to the Middle East

I spent the last week in Turkey, specifically in Antalya and Ankara.  In Antalya, I was presenting at the Eurasian Dialogue annual Forum — a meeting of scholars and officials  mainly from former Soviet states, Turkey, and a few other … Continue reading

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