A Prayer for Peace

Happy Easter and Happy Passover week to all my friends and followers. Please join me today in a much-needed prayer for peace. Whether for families that have lost loved ones to tragedies (as from the South Korean Ferry capsizing or Malaysia Flight 370 disappearance or countless smaller and less visible accidents), or for societies experiencing violence and conflict, from the Central African Republic to Syria to Myanmar and beyond, may God bring an end to your conflict and suffering and help us bring a better world to future generations. Amen.

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Hazel Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University
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3 Responses to A Prayer for Peace

  1. Marco Ronchese says:

    Your prayer for Peace has been answered in the realm of the largest Church on our planet earth. The next thing is that this Pope will herald the same peace and unity including Ha Shem’s Chosen people and the peace of Jerusalem into this amibit.
    Miracles are indeed happening. There is no more Protestant Church. The Protest is over, The Roman Catholic Church has now aligned itself and is in full agreement with the “Protestants” wow, it took a long time. But Messiah ha Messiah will have His way with All of His people.
    The next great thing will be you, the President of the USA, Ha Shem’s new David who is going to kill the Giant smack bang in the middle of his forehead, with a modern day stone which will be the product of your genius, and a new policy will be implemented by you (given to you by Him for this very purpose). Jack, you have the Spirit and heart of King David all over you, Rejoice, Rejoice.

  2. Thank you Jack, may we also wish you all the best over Pasag and the most fantstic weekend .

  3. Zhengbin dou says:

    Jesus may save the world!

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