Israel and Palestine–Locked in Tragedy

It is impossible to truly say when the latest round of violence between Israel and Palestine began.  Was it when Mahmoud Abbas engineered a joint agreement with Hamas to create a unified Palestinian government, and Israel refused to deal with it, saying any government with Hamas was a terrorist organization, thus leaving no way to negotiate a peaceful settlement of Israel’s blockade?   According to the NY Times,  the new government “offered Hamas’s political adversaries a foothold in Gaza; it was formed without a single Hamas member; it retained the same Ramallah-based prime minister, deputy prime ministers, finance minister and foreign minister; and, most important, it pledged to comply with the three conditions for Western aid long demanded by America and its European allies: nonviolence, adherence to past agreements and recognition of Israel.”  Yet Israel responded by refusing to recognize the new government and announcing 3,300 new settlements in the West Bank.  Was it when Hamas decided to continue taking in shipments of rockets from Iran and to extend its network of tunnels deep into Israeli territory?  Was it when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered by rogue Hamas members in defiance of Hamas’ leaders?  Or when Israel retaliated by arresting 500 members of Hamas in both Gaza and the West Bank?

However we got here, rockets are now flying from Gaza, and Hamas has refused to accept a ceasefire unless their demands are met.  Meanwhile, with unprecedented internal solidarity, Israelis are demanding actions to finally end Hamas’ ability to wreak terror in Israeli territory, whether by rockets or by tunnel-based raids.

Can Israel in fact end Hamas’ ability to harm Israelis?  That is doubtful, or will at least take longer than expected; one Israeli intelligence officer suggested it could take years of occupation of a border strip between Gaza and Israel to ensure the tunnels are destroyed and not rebuilt, and a far more intrusive blockade to ensure that no rockets or explosive materials reach Gaza (although even pipes and fertilizer can make home-made rockets capable of reaching southern Israeli towns).

At this point, Israel is brushing off claims of genocide and mass murder.  The tunnels represent a new level of offense and an existential threat to Israeli peace and security; the Israeli public and government is right in insisting they be destroyed.

There is no genocide here — Hitler rounded up Jews all across Europe on no other grounds than that they were Jews, and despite they never having threatened or  lifted a finger against Germany he ordered them to be enslaved and executed. That was genocide.  The Israelis are not rounding up Palestinians and sending them to camps for work or execution; the Israelis are not attacking people who wish them no harm.  Israel is responding to a regime that has not only called openly for the destruction of their state and the deportation of their population, they are responding to direct attacks on their people by rockets and to infiltration of their territory by tunnels for the sole purpose of making terror attacks.

When Osama bin-Laden planned an attack that killed over 3,000 Americans (the equivalent of killing 80 Israelis, in proportion to population), America responded by invading Afghanistan and pursuing a war that left tens of thousands dead and created over two million refugees.  It may have been a misguided and ultimately ineffective response, but no one claimed it was not a military response to a military threat.

Israel is killing civilians because you cannot pursue a war against an enemy that wants to destroy your state, and which is fighting an asymmetric war and basing itself in an area crowded with civilians, without civilians being killed.  That is as much a direct result of Hamas’ war-fighting strategy as it is of Israel’s response.  If Hamas had an air force and tank force capable of meeting Israel’s army in open battle then probably fewer Palestinian civilians would be killed.  But then many more Israeli civilians and soldiers would be killed, and that would be exactly what Hamas wants.

Civilian deaths and refugees are a tragedy but inescapable fact of modern warfare.  Until Hamas gives up its attacks and weapons used against Israel, (both rockets and tunnels), then both Hamas and the population that supports it and in which it shelters its activities will suffer.   The German population suffered massive bombings until Hitler was defeated and Germany surrendered; the Japanese suffered even worse bombings (both conventional fire-bombings and two nuclear blasts) until they surrendered.  Hamas will be able to stop the damage to the civilian population of Gaza any time that they surrender.  Until then, they will pay the price for having accumulated an arsenal of rockets and building a network of infiltration tunnels and choosing to use them to attack Israel, whatever their original motivation or cause.

Do the Palestinians have valid grievances against Israel and its occupation?  Of course they do — the Israeli settlements that invade their lands, and the treatment of their civilians by the settlers and the military that defends them, is wretched to the point of being intolerable.   Gaza had some support for access to food, medicines, and construction materials from Egypt before the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood regime; but the new Egyptian military government has tightened the blockade and wanted to undermine Hamas as well, leaving Hamas desperate to do anything to change the current situation.

However, none of that justifies rocket or terror attacks on Israel; none of that justifies spending scare resources and construction materials on building infiltration tunnels many kilometers into Israel.  West Bank Palestinians were building a case for membership in the UN, and mounting non-violent public protests against their treatment by Israel.  Those were viable strategies, although slow-moving and requiring patience.  The Hamas approach of staging terror attacks, seeking to provoke Israeli violence in order to win sympathy for the deaths of Palestinian civilians and children is a callous, cruel strategy, one that neither Israel nor the world should reward.

The unfortunate problem now is that however the current military campaign ends, Israel and Palestine are locked in an endless embrace.   The more damage that Israel does to Gaza’s infrastructure and leadership, the more likely Israel is to inherit responsibility for the population left behind.  “You break it, you own it,” warned Colin Powell regarding America’s invasion of Iraq.  That invasion was also a great initial success, with overwhelming force destroying Iraq’s ability to resist.  Yet in the longer run, America’s inability to create a stable, self-governing state from the ruins of its invasion created the even bigger problem of the Islamic Caliphate taking over eastern Syrian and Western Iraq today.   If Israel destroys Hamas by force, will the result be a Gaza warmly receptive to the West Bank leadership of Mahmoud Abbas?  Or will the result be a broken, chaotic territory providing fertile ground for ISIS or other extreme groups to mount even more desperate suicide attacks against Israel in the future?

Israel can only extricate itself from this mess by getting an international authority to take responsibility for the Israel/Gaza border and play a more active role in the administration of Gaza.  Whether that is a UN force, or a joint Turkish/Egyptian/American force, or a NATO force is less important than creating some buffer between Israel and Palestinians that will provide the former with security and the latter with peace.

Clearly, the leadership of Hamas has not been able to promote peace, or even to abide by the terms of brief cease-fires.  Replacing Hamas may be necessary to move forward; but replacing Hamas’ authority by that of Israel, or of West Bank leaders who have had no traction in Gaza, will likely only move the situation toward greater violence in the future.

Part of the Palestinians’ turn to violence has been because they believe no one in the West has been sufficiently active in supporting their cause.  Perhaps once Hamas has been disarmed or destroyed, the time will come for the West to take a more active role; not to support the Palestinians against Israel, but to enforce security for all sides.

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5 Responses to Israel and Palestine–Locked in Tragedy

  1. The Truth says:

    From this article it shows that Israel is worst than Hamas and Israeli PM is a coward.

  2. Elsa T. Khwaja says:

    Just like absolutely nothing justifies the rocket fires facilitated by Hamas into Isreal, absolutely nothing justifies the war crimes that Isreal has committed against the innocent Palestinians, especially this past month. Palestinians who have absolutely nothing to do with Hamas! The zionist Israeli govt has been rounding up Palestinians, killing and infringing on their rights, for decades, ONLY because of their religion and their ethnic identity. How is that not a form of genocide? No one is denying there was a genocide against the Jews. But one war crime does not justify another, what happened to the Jews was absolutely horrific, but that does not justify coming into someone else’s land and home and stealing it from them and murdering their families and depriving them of their rights. When is the Isreali government going to finally take some accountability for their actions? 1400 and counting Palestinians dead this past month. Many of whom are innocent women, children, and elderly. Sure Hamas must take some blame in that. The International community (nation-states) should take blame in that for not having an appropriate response from Day 1. But Isreal needs to be accountable as well and Isreal needs to be brought to justice for breaking all sorts of international laws and standards. Palestinians have the right to secure themselves just as much as Isreal has the the right to secure their state. US provided Israel the funds for an iron dome for protection, why not provide the innocent Palestinians that have absolutely no association with terrorists with an Iron dome for their protection as well. Is the life of a Palestinian less valuable than the life of an Israeli? According to the Isreali officials, yes. There are Isrealis and Jews as well, some very prominent ones, that are calling out on the excessive brutal force the Isreali govt is using. They are calling out on Isreal to stop killing in the name of their nationality and faith. Isreali soldier are killing Palestinians in cold blood. These are helpless, scared, Palestinians! All the perpetrators of the violations of human rights and international law need to be brought to justice. Why is Israel always seen as a country ‘above the law,’ violating laws and committing horrific crimes with impunity? Isreal cannot be a democracy as it claims to be and the government does not serve as a legitimate ally to the democratic United States. The United States needs to stop funding Isreal or at least place conditions on aid to Isreal. In fact, Isreal is violating some conditions with impunity. The weapons must be used for “legitimate self-defense.” But there is mounting evidence from human rights groups that their targets, especially of schools and hospitals, were not “legitimate” targets! Most Palestinians just want to be free from the turmoil and oppression they face under the Israeli occupying state. Okay, Isreal, keep defending your state and securing your citizens. Isreal absolutely should continue to fight for their right to exist as a Jewish state. That’s important and fine, please continue security measures. Hamas needs to stop the rocket firing and development of tunnels into Isreal, but Isreal must end the blockade and occupation of Palestinian lands. There will be no peace until Isreal gives up its occupation of Palestinian territories. Palestinians will not give up on their fight for freedom. Especially because of this particular incursion, we will continue to see “destructive engagement” (from forces like Hamas) going forward, if Isreal will keep taking the lives of Palestinian Muslims. Their actions as well as the inaction seen from their ally, the US, this past month only further fuels “destructive engagement.” Just like the South Africans, the Palestinians will get their freedom from the Isreali apartheid state. If not in your lifetime or my lifetime, we at least need to work towards what is just and right in this case. Perhaps the mass killings of Palestinians doesn’t fit the definition of genocide to its whole, but Palestinians are dying and children are being mutilated and annihilated simply because they are Muslim and Palestinian.

    • Far too many Palestinians are dying, and far too many have been deprived of their land. The tragedy is that Israel will not give up its occupation of Palestine (which it should) and Palestinians will not give up their attacks on Israel (which they should). So if neither side gives up (and I do not know how to compel either side to do so), the suffering will continue. I wish I had an answer — some of the best-minded and smartest international relations experts in the world have been trying to solve this problem for half a century without success.

  3. Barbara Wiston says:

    There is a major error here: “When Osama bin-Laden planned an attack that killed over 3,000 Americans (the equivalent of killing 80 Israelis, in proportion to population), America responded by invading Afghanistan and pursuing a war that left tens of thousands dead and created over two million refugees.” America didn’t invade Afghanistan but Iraqi with false claims of weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam Hussein was behind the attack. We were wrong on both accounts. The killing of civilians and the refugees is correct. The government of Syria is killing many thousands of civilians so is ISIS. I could go on but the one point is that there is a major difference in judging Israel and the rest of the world. You hear the cries and the manifesto of the Hamas leadership, it is the complete destruction of Israel and in-between the call for the death of Jews everywhere. Trying to explain the situation with sense and logic doesn’t work. For how many centuries can an institution teach hatred about a group of people without it taking hold. We are still fighting the acrimony of those teachings. The teachings still of the “New Testament.” The teachings of every church that if you don’t accept Christ you are the same as a “drug pusher or devil worshipper.” The Koran teaches that they are superior to all other religions. These are dangerous concepts and so much poison is coming from houses of worship that are suppose to teach love. Those leaders if they care for world peace need to first remove all the hatred in their teachings. It is really about time.

  4. Tom Dollard says:

    PS: I believe that what is happening in Palestine is much closer to what happened to Native Americans in the American West 150 years ago (a land grab) than what happened in Germany etc to the jews. The Indians, when they went off the reservation were also “inhuman terrorists”. The poor bastards, those not exterminated by bullets, disease & despair, finally drank themselves to near extinction, the Palestinians don’t drink & won’t quit. The US people will not forever (I hope!) believe the lies it’s cowed bought media so prettily States as truths.

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