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Deals are Good!

After endless, and sometimes seemingly hopeless, negotiations, diplomats have produced two new multi-national deals:  one to keep Greece in the Euro, and the second on nuclear development in Iran. Despite enormous criticism and hand-wringing, both deals are good news for the  … Continue reading

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Beware of Germans bearing Gifts

The Greek tragedy drags on, with subplots and anguish worthy of Euripides. Having taken extreme measures to reign in government spending and raise revenues, the Greek government expects to be rewarded with 130 billion Euros in aid.  Yet now the … Continue reading

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Greece crashes, Syria burns

These are dispiriting days in Europe.  I am in the Hague today, meeting with the foreign ministry.  There is a sense of distress, and sadness. The latest economic figures from Greece show a massive decline in output, jobs, and tax … Continue reading

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