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Ukraine: Next steps and threats

Is Putin on the move again, planning to take additional slices off of Ukraine? The news seems to think so. The take-over of government buildings in three cities in Eastern Ukraine has commentators all a-flutter about Putin’s plans and continuing … Continue reading

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And Ukraine moves closer to the edge?

Yesterday I was able to listen to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, at the Atlantic Council, right after he met with President Obama at the White House. Yatsenyuk projected calm and confidence — quite a feat for someone … Continue reading

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Ukraine is getting ever more dangerous

On CNN last Sunday, Stephen Cohen suggested that we are only two steps away from another Cuban missile crisis. Is that possible, or hyperbole? Revolutions create great risks because they create uncertainty and anxiety. The strength and policies of the … Continue reading

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Defusing the Crisis in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is a hero in much of Russia. He is the man who brought order and prosperity, fought off terrorism, and restored Russian greatness after a humiliating period of Cold War hardship and defeat followed by democratic chaos which … Continue reading

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Putin plays his hand well – but with what result?

President Vladimir Putin has skillfully taken advantage of the opening given, almost by accident, by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, for Russia to frame the debate on what to do about the civil war raging in Syria. Russia’s strategic … Continue reading

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